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As any Floridian knows, nothing’s more welcome than a cool breeze after a particularly hot summer day. But did you know that you can enjoy this same cooling effect, every day and at any time of the day, by installing ceiling fans in your home?

While they look great, ceiling fans are fundamentally designed to create a windchill effect in a room. As the blades push air downward, moisture evaporates from your skin, allowing you to feel cool and refreshed. And the faster the blades spin, the cooler you’ll feel.

While a ceiling fan will not reduce the temperature in a room, the fact that it cools down everyone in it can allow you to raise your thermostat by four degrees or so. 

This adjustment in turn allows you to save money on your utility bills. In fact, the California Energy Commission’s Consumer Energy Center estimates that for every degree you adjust your air conditioner, you can save between 1 and 3 percent on your electric bill. You may need a calculator to figure out exactly how the savings can add up for you, based on your preferred temperature setting, but chances are excellent that over the course of a long Florida summer, you stand to save a lot, especially when you consider that it costs only pennies a day to run a ceiling fan.

To realize these savings, be sure that the blades on your ceiling fan move in a counterclockwise direction. Then, in the winter, reverse the motor so that the blades move in a clockwise direction. Doing so will create a pleasant updraft, circulating the warm air that naturally rises to the ceiling down into your room. Also, be sure to choose among Energy Star-rated ceiling fans, which are about 20 percent more efficient than other models.

Call Senica Air Conditioning, Inc. for assistance in selecting the right ceiling fans for your home. We proudly serve homeowners in and around Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater. 

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