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When your heat pump malfunctions, you could either replace it or repair it. Knowing which is the better choice isn’t always obvious. Let’s talk about whether replacing or fixing your heat pump is the best option at your home in Crystal River, FL.


A heat pump needs to be the correct size in comparison to your home’s size in order to work properly. When it’s oversized or undersized, it could result in significant problems.

An undersized heat pump will constantly run, trying to get the indoor temperature to the desired preferences, while oversized heat pumps short cycle,never producing a consistent temperature throughout your home. A system that’s running constantly or short cycling will inflate your energy bill and reduce your system’s lifespan.

Repairing an undersized or oversized heat pump would be fruitless as the problems will just persist. In this case, replacing it with a unit that’s the correct size for your home is the best solution.


An older system is less efficient, as its parts have become worn out throughout its life. Typically, heat pumps last upwards of 15 years. If your system is around that age, you may want to consider replacing it so that you can continue to experience comfortable indoor temperatures throughout fall and winter and cooling the rest of the year.

Frequency of Repairs

A heat pump that often breaks down means constantly having to pay for repair costs while it also disrupts your family’s comfort. If you’re dealing with constant repairs, it’s usually beneficial to replace the system so that you have one that works the way it’s supposed to. However, a system that requires only occasional maintenance may be a candidate for a system repair.

There are many factors to consider before deciding whether to repair or replace your heat pump. Call Senica Air Conditioning, Inc., and we’ll set an inspection appointment to determine if installing a new system is the best course of action or if repairing it will suffice.

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