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Your Spring Hill, FL, home ductwork’s effectiveness is reduced as dust, allergens, and pollen collect inside it. This debris coats the inside of the ductwork and hampers streamlined airflow to and from your venting system. It can be difficult to tell when duct cleaning is needed, but here are some telltale signs you shouldn’t ignore.

Ducts Are Releasing Dust

Normally, air ducts release clean, fresh air that’s free of dirty substances. When your air ducts start releasing dust- or debris-filled air, it’s a telltale sign of clogged vents and air ducts. If you notice that dust and dirt collect on surfaces faster when you turn on your HVAC system, your ductwork needs cleaning.

By scheduling a duct cleaning with a professional, you can enjoy improved indoor air quality. Be aware, however, that dirty air ducts may not be the only reason that you’re noticing more dust and allergens in the air. Dirty filters could be another cause.

Too Much Time Has Passed Between Cleanings

If you can’t remember the last time an HVAC contractor visited your home to clean the ducting system, it’s a tell-tale sign that you should hire a professional cleaning technician. When the ducting goes too long without getting cleaned, moisture and dust can cause build up inside the venting system, slowing and possibly blocking airflow and straining its operation.

Energy Bills Are Rising

When the ducts clog, they affect the flow of air in and out of your HVAC, ultimately straining the system. Since the HVAC won’t get adequate air to support the efficient cooling and conditioning of your home, it will compensate by working longer. In addition, the dirt-filled and dusty air flowing into the ducting system will eventually flow back into your HVAC, further degrading its operation.

Forceful operation of the HVAC system can stress different components of the system. This can make the system consume more energy, which will raise your monthly energy bill.

Do you want to enhance the air quality in your home? Contact our team at Senica Air Conditioning now for affordable air conditioning services.

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