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You may have an inefficient HVAC system if you are frequently calling for air conditioning and heating repair. If your system doesn’t produce heat or cool air that is strong enough or your energy bills keep increasing in spite of your best efforts, you may need a system replacement. One way to know for sure is to contact an air conditioning and heating repair or installation company in St. Petersburg or Clearwater, FL to request a home energy evaluation. Many professional heating and cooling providers offer this service in addition to traditional HVAC installation and repair work.When an air conditioning and heating repair technician arrives at your home in the St. Petersburg or Clearwater, FL area, he or she will walk through each room to evaluate how well your heating and cooling units are performing. If the heat or cool air is not distributing throughout the house as it should, the air conditioning and heating installation and repair technician will look at your temperature control devices for additional problems. They may be showing significant signs of wear, such as cracking, condensation, mold and other issues. Your service technician can let you know if you should continue to invest money in air conditioning and heating repairs or if you should consider installing a new air conditioning and heating system. If new installation is recommended, ask the HVAC dealer about the brands it sells and services offered. Many heating and cooling companies limit themselves to selling only brands like Carrier and Bryant, while others offer a broader range. Regardless of the brand you buy for your new air conditioning and heating installation, ask about a warranty on parts and labor. You should also verify that the HVAC company you are working with is able to work on all makes and models of heating and cooling units, just in case you decide to delay installation and keep what you have instead.

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