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When shopping for a new heat pump, you may buy an oversized, undersized or correctly sized unit for your Crystal River, FL home. Each of these heat pump sizes impacts your comfort and heating expenses differently. Below, we will discuss why a heat pump’s size matters.

More Energy Savings

If you end up with an undersized heat pump, it does not possess enough capabilities to heat or cool your home successfully. As a result, the system runs without stopping to meet the temperatures you added to the thermostat. The longer your heat pump runs, the more energy it consumes.

An oversized system is too powerful for your home’s heating needs. For this reason, it only runs for a very short time and shuts down, never heating or cooling all of the rooms in the house. Your system also needs to run for a long enough period of time to dehumidify it in the summer, so an oversized heat pump will leave your too humid. It then turns on again, and the same scenario happens again; this is called short cycling.

Your compressor consumes the highest amount of electric energy while starting. Therefore, if it starts many times in a day, your energy costs will shoot up.

If you buy a correctly sized heat pump, the system runs in cycles to provide warmth for your home. This is how manufacturers designed these systems to work; therefore, an appropriately sized system will not consume extraordinary amounts of electric energy.

Reduced Repair Costs

When a heat pump runs without stopping, its parts wear out more quickly than those of a system that runs in cycles. Also, if it turns on and off too often, its parts wear out more quickly. Therefore, you will incur more repair costs while using an undersized or oversized HVAC system.

Unfortunately, no matter how often you repair a wrongly sized heat pump, it will never serve you efficiently. Only replacing it can get you the comfort you need.

More Comfort

An undersized heat pump may not provide enough hot or cool air for your home. Therefore, you will have rooms that are warm while others are cold. On the other hand, a correctly sized heat pump’s capabilities match your home’s heating requirements, allowing you to enjoy uniform heat distribution.

Contact Senica Air Conditioning for quality heating services. We will install the correctly sized system for your house to ensure you stay warm and comfortable throughout the cold season.

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