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If your energy bills aren’t as low as you expect them to be with an efficient HVAC system, it might be because the rest of your home is inefficient and losing energy. Even though an efficient HVAC system can create heat cheaply, if you’re losing a lot of that heat in other ways, the system will have to work harder to keep your home warm. This will result in more energy consumption. The only way to have a truly energy-efficient home is to have both your home and your HVAC system working together to save energy and money.

Fortunately it’s quite easy to upgrade your home to increase efficiency, and while there are some upfront costs, it’s an investment which will pay off over time as your energy bills drop.

3 Ways to Make Your Home Energy Efficient

  • Have extra insulation installed – One of the key zones for heat loss in the house is your attic. Have an HVAC professional check the insulation in your attic and throughout your home and add where it’s needed. This will help trap heat and lower energy bills.
  • Upgrade your windows – By having double glazing installed, you can significantly lower heat loss through your windows. Double glazing involves two panes of glass with a narrow gap between them, which is typically filled with Argon gas. This traps heat and stops it from escaping far more effectively that a single pane of glass.
  • Add weatherstripping around doors and windows – Sealing doors and windows with weatherstripping and caulk can keep moisture and wind out and heat in. If you have a particular door or window that seems to let a lot of cold air in from outside, this is something you might want to consider.

For more information about how to maintain an efficient HVAC system, contact Senica Air Conditioning, Inc.. Our team of heating and cooling professionals have been proudly serving the residents of Tampa since 1993. 

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