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A home energy audit could be one of the most effective money-saving services you schedule for your home. Professional energy auditors and HVAC contractors have the tools and training to find weaknesses in your home that contribute to higher energy bills. Air leaks and inadequate insulation, however small, drive your conditioning costs up.  The central component of these audits is a blower door test. The door has an adjustable frame with a large, powerful fan in its base that pulls air from your home. Gauges on it indicate the falling air pressure indoors and give the auditors an idea of how extensive air leakage is. Homes that are fairly airtight lose pressure quickly, while those with leaks maintain their pressure longer, since outside air rushes inside through cracks to equalize the pressure losses. The auditors often use thermographic equipment to identify precisely where the leakage occurs. These are still or video cameras that capture the color differences of temperatures inside and outside your home, showing you and the contractor exactly where your home has thermal gains or losses. This also is a good way to find where insulation is missing or inadequate. After the energy audit, you’ll know exactly where to start caulking or weatherstripping air leaks and adding insulation. Likely places for air leaks include:

  • Window and exterior door frames 
  • Dryer vents 
  • Fireplace dampers
  • Places where pipes, wires and cables enter the home
  • Recessed lights whose housing protrudes into the attic
  • Vent stacks exiting the attic
  • Furnace flues

Many of these leaks are easy to seal with caulk and expanding foam, but if you find leaks around the flue or recessed lights, use silicon caulk, or have a licensed contractor help you seal them to avoid any problems with heat or electricity. As stated, the inspection also will show where you have inadequate insulation in the envelope of your home, particularly the attic. Increasing insulation is one of the most cost-effective projects you can do to lower your energy bills.  If your cooling bills seem excessively high, an energy audit could help you identify problem areas in your home. To learn more, please contact us at Senica Air Conditioning, Inc.. We provide outstanding HVAC services for the Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater areas. 

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