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summertime energy savingsOver the years, myths about summertime energy savings have cropped up and been put into practice. Some of these myths won’t impact your cooling system’s operating lifetime, but others can shorten equipment life, and may also increase energy waste.

  • Turning the system off when you leave saves energy. In a hot, humid climate like ours, this myth can cost you more in terms of system wear and energy consumption. It will take your cooling system much longer to cool your home down after the heat builds for hours at a time. The wear on the air conditioner and the cost of a long running period won’t be offset by the energy savings you achieved by turning it off. A programmable thermostat set at eight to 10 degrees higher than normal while you’re away from home is the best course. If it’s not a super-hot day, your A/C probably won’t kick on anyway.
  • The house cools off faster if you lower the thermostat way lower than your comfort zone. Unless you have a variable-speed cooling system or one equipped with a thermal expansion valve, your home won’t cool any faster if you set the temperature lower than you want it. Most homes have single-speed systems that cool at the same rate, regardless of temperature settings.
  • Closing off unused rooms saves energy. This is one of the myths about summertime energy savings that can harm your system and has the potential to drive up cooling costs. Central cooling systems rely on a precise amount of air flowing through them to work most efficiently. Closing the supply and return registers in unused rooms changes the volume going through the air handler. The added pressure inside the ductwork can weaken the seams that connect the ductwork, causing leaks. Ductwork leaks increase cooling costs and may degrade indoor air quality.
  • Leaving a ceiling fan running in an unoccupied room helps keep it cool until you return home. Ceiling fans don’t cool a room. They move the air, which helps cool occupants by increasing the rate at which perspiration evaporates. You’ll get this same cooling effect the instant you turn on the A/C as you’d get if the fan was running for hours.

Our skilled experts at Senica Air Conditioning, Inc. can help you sort through any other myths about summertime energy savings. We’ve provided outstanding HVAC services for the Tampa area since 1992. 

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