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Giving an ailing furnace the cold shoulder could cause expensive problems and a winter of discomfort for you and your family. Here are some telltale signs that you may be in the market for a furnace replacement:

  • If you distinctly remember getting your furnace inspected sometime in the 20th century, your furnace could have problems stemming from neglect. Get it checked out!
  • If you get puff back—a haze of soot, dirt, or rust particles settling on your home’s furniture, curtains and decor—you may need a furnace replacement.
  • You didn’t rent out space to a garage band, but something—is that the furnace?—is thumping, bumping, buzzing, humming, rattling and shaking. That’s your furnace’s musical way of letting you know it’s time to go.
  • If your energy bills climb even when you haven’t touched the settings on your programmable thermostat, it might be time to replace your furnace.
  • Uneven heating throughout the house can be a signal indicating furnace replacement.
  • If the humidity in your Clearwater area home is climbing, it could be because your furnace isn’t efficiently filtering and treating the air.
  • If your home’s furnace is cycling on and off constantly, you’re ready for a furnace replacement.
  • If you’ve memorized your HVAC contractor’s phone number, know the HVAC service technician’s kids’ names based on the number of HVAC issues you’ve had recently, you may be ready to replace your furnace.
  • If your HVAC service technician reports a corroded or cracked heat exchanger, you need to act right away. A cracked, rusted or corroded heat exchanger isn’t a sign indicating you might have trouble—it’s a safety issue indicating you need a furnace replacement very soon.

If you think it’s time for furnace replacement in your St. Petersburg area home, contact Senica Air Conditioning, Inc., Inc. today.

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