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Once you have decided that a new heating system is necessary for your home, you will have to choose between a furnace or a heat pump. When doing so, homeowners should consider several key factors.

1. Most important is your geographical region, as heat pumps in particular perform better in milder climates, where they can produce as much as 3 times the energy they consume. However, if temperatures in the winter regularly fall below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, then a furnace may be the most efficient and affordable choice for heating your home.

2. In addition to climate, consider the cost of fossil fuels like natural gas and oil versus the cost of electricity. While furnaces run on the combustion of fossil fuels, heat pumps rely entirely upon electricity. Heat pumps make more sense in areas where electricity is cheaper.

3. Heat pumps also provide the unique advantages of helping to reduce humidity in your home and produce less noise than other cooling options. At the same time, though, they also have more problems with low airflow and incorrect refrigerant charge that can reduce overall efficiency and performance.

4. Both furnace and heat pump systems filter the air in your home as it is heated and cooled throughout the different seasons. For either system, you can install sophisticated filters that remove even microscopic pollutants from the air in your home.

Wherever you live, when purchasing either a furnace or heat pump system, be aware of the different efficiency ratings for the different types of systems. Also be sure that your home has been audited for heating efficiency. For your heating needs in the Tampa, St. Petersburg, or Clearwater areas, contact the pros at Senica Air Conditioning, Inc. today. 

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