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It’s OK to say it out loud: hiring an HVAC contractor can be stressful. If you’re like most people, you realize that it requires a leap of faith insofar as hoping that the company you hire in turn employs honest, decent, law-abiding and ethical technicians. After all, these technicians enter your home and come into contact with the people you cherish most. These technicians also have ample time to size up your possessions and how well (or how poorly) you secure your home.

Not surprisingly, many people don’t take a deep breath until the HVAC service truck has left their driveway.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

You can hire an HVAC contractor with confidence by looking for the Ask the Seal logo. In fact, you should insist on it.

AsktheSeal is an independent, third-party company that verifies a contractor’s license, insurance and background. Specifically, AsktheSeal conducts criminal background and sex offender checks to keep contractors honest. Then it issues photo IDs which include the technician’s company affiliation, phone number and the date the checks were conducted.  

AsktheSeal’s founder often felt like a consumer himself as he operated a home service company in Florida and regularly came into contact with unscrupulous contractors and companies. Sometimes, companies that claimed to conduct background checks on their employees did not do them at all; other times, they ignored checks that produced startling results. Even large, seemingly reputable companies were sometimes sending people with violent crimes on their records and sex offenders into people’s homes and businesses.

While no one is eager to play the role of a doubting Thomas, it’s equally true that anyone can tell you that they are licensed. Anyone can show you a phony insurance card. And anyone can look you in the eye and express horror at the mention of a “criminal past.”

In reality, the founder of AsktheSeal found that these scenarios play out regularly. And he decided that enough was enough.

At Senica Air Conditioning, Inc., we’re proud to carry the third-party endorsement of AsktheSeal. “Working to keep you safe” is more than AsktheSeal’s mission; at Senica, it’s our promise.

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