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Whatever the season, we all need and want reliable HVAC systems. But as with so many essentials, we can end up taking our HVAC systems for granted. Busy family and working lives mean it’s all too easy to forget HVAC service time. And yet without regular servicing, we may find ourselves without the all important heating and cooling we require. So what is the answer?

Plan it Out

A heating and cooling maintenance agreement is the solution more and more people are opting for. This arrangement means that regular maintenance pretty much takes care of itself, leaving you to get on with the many other demands in your life. A heating and cooling maintenance agreement provides peace of mind and often includes other benefits too, such as: 

  • Inspection and cleaning : A basic ingredient of a heating and cooling maintenance agreement is the annual system tune-up. This will mean early identification of any efficiency issues such as dirty filters, system obstructions, faulty thermostats, etc. Getting problems dealt with quickly and effectively helps you know that the system is operating safely. It will also be professionally cleaned – something which in itself can help extend the life span of your equipment. 
  • Speedy, affordable repairs: When a problem does occur, a heating and cooling maintenance agreement will mean you get it dealt with quickly, and possibly at a reduced cost. You will be treated as a priority customer and may receive discounted rates for labor and replacement parts. 
  • Reduced running costs: Keeping up a regular maintenance schedule will ensure that your system operates as effectively as possible. Overall, your system will be cheaper to run.
  • Personalized service: A heating and cooling maintenance agreement lets you and your service provider get to know each other over a period of time. You know you can trust them and they treat you as a valued customer. They schedule the maintenance, so no guesswork for you.

At Senica Air Conditioning, Inc., we are experts in heating and cooling issues. If you live in the Tampa area, contact ustoday and together we will work out a maintenance agreement that suits you and your home.

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