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When winters in Tampa Bay and Spring Hill, Florida, get cold, you’ll likely need to turn on the heat. If you have a well-kept duct system, turning up the heat isn’t an issue, but if you have dirty ducts, you could be losing money to that unclean network. Cleaning your ducts could do more than you would expect. Here’s how a well-kept duct system can affect your utility bill.

The Consequences of Dirty Ducts

HVAC systems are generally built to keep certain elements out of your duct system using air filters or air purifying systems. Despite all these filters, your duct system can still get dirty if you don’t conduct the proper maintenance. Even with filters, duct networks can still get dirty and contaminated. Not only will this negatively affect your air quality, but it will also make your system work harder, contributing to the estimated 25 to 40 percent of energy that is lost between your furnace or heat pump and the room you need warmed.

A dirty duct network causes your system to work harder, forcing you to turn up the heat to reach the necessary temperature, thus costing you more on your utility bill.

Routine Maintenance Equals Higher Efficiency

Since it tends to be hidden in your walls and ceiling, a duct system can be easy to forget. However, ensuring that routine maintenance is conducted on your duct system can be the key to eliminating the risk of a higher utility bill. When filters can’t do all the work, give us a call and we’ll come take a look at your duct system.

Having a professional maintain your ducts will increase the efficiency of your system and lower the costs on your utility bill. With a clean system, less maintenance will be required on air filters and purifying systems, saving you money in the long run on air quality upkeep costs as well as heating costs.

If you would like your ducts cleaned or if you have other HVAC questions, give Senica Air Conditioning, Inc. a call at 866-881-5935.

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