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programmable thermostatAs it refers to home HVAC systems, zoning means to divide the home into different climate zones that can be heated or cooled independently. Not providing full conditioning to areas that aren’t being used is much more efficient and less expensive than heating or cooling the entire house, using one thermostat. Independent temperature control also means home occupants can get the temperature to their own comfort level, without affecting the climate in other rooms or areas of the house.

How a Zoning System Works

Zoning systems in the home for heating and cooling involve setting up distinct areas that each have their own thermostat to control the temperature in that specific zone. The individual thermostats are all connected to a central control panel that opens or closes duct dampers according to the temperature settings. In this way, different temperatures can be set for each zone within the home, rather than having a single thermostat controlling the temperature for the entire home.

Home Features That Will Benefit

The great majority of homes can benefit from zoning systems, but some features make a home particularly suited for this setup. For instance, homes with cathedral ceilings, rooms above a garage, multiple levels, and basement or attic space are good candidates for zoning systems. If your upstairs rooms tend to get warmer than the finished basement, for example, you can account for that discrepancy with different temperature settings. Or areas of the home that act as sun rooms or have many large windows will attract natural heat on their own, and could be zoned for more or less heat, depending on the season.

Benefits of zoning

By setting up zones in your home and heating or cooling those most in use, you can achieve considerable benefits, chief among them significant savings in energy bills. Since your heating and cooling systems are not being taxed as they would to service the entire home, you will also reduce wear and tear on your HVAC system, contributing to longer service life.

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