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The summers being what they are in Spring Hill, FL, you can’t go without air conditioning. The time will come, though, when you’ll need to say goodbye to your current system and replace it. Before the heat pump runs its 15- or 20-year course, you’ll notice signs that it needs replacing; below are three such signs.

Air Not As Cool as Before

Maybe your heat pump runs just as it has always done, yet it never reaches the temperature you’ve set your thermostat to. There’s no reason to stay stuck with a system that won’t cool your home: that is, unless maintenance can solve the issue and extend your system’s life span for a little longer.

The System Breaks Down

You shouldn’t be surprised when your heat pump has the occasional hiccup in performance. Even if you must get a repair and go without cool air for a couple of hours, this won’t provide a good enough reason to replace the system.

Consider replacement, though, if the system breaks down over and over and you’re replacing one component after another. Besides being necessary, it’ll save you money in the long run.

You’re Paying Too Much

You have a good idea of how much your energy bill should be during the seasons when your heat pump comes into play. If the bills start to rise above that level, in spite of there being no change to your cooling schedule, then you’ll want a professional to assess your system to determine if it’s time for a new installation.

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