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Whether it’s a cool winter night or a hot summer day, your HVAC system relies on ductwork to move conditioned air to every room in your home. Leaky ducts are the source of major energy loss, which can lead to uncomfortable temperatures and high utility bills. Learn how duct sealing can help you save energy in your Crystal River, Florida, home.

Avoid Unnecessary Air Leakage

Even if you’ve invested in an energy-efficient heating system for your home, your ducts can cause significant energy leakage. In fact, most homes lose anywhere from 20 to 30 percent of the energy generated by the HVAC system through leaky ductwork. With duct sealing, however, you can stop the air leaks and drafts and regain almost all of the wasted energy. This can lead to big energy savings and lower utility bills.

Heat the Whole Home Evenly

When the ductwork is affected by cracks and bad connections, the HVAC often struggles to heat or cool the whole home to a consistent temperature. Instead, you might notice that centrally located rooms receive much more heat than rooms further down the line. Duct sealing helps your HVAC system heat the entire home evenly, which means you won’t be tempted to waste energy while trying to heat bedrooms and other hard to reach rooms.

Eliminate That Stuffy Feeling

When the HVAC system has trouble reaching some areas of the house consistently, poor ventilation and stuffy rooms often result. Properly sealed ducts can improve the ventilation throughout the house, increasing comfort levels in every room.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Poorly connected ducts can increase the chances of dust, allergens, and even chemical fumes entering the ductwork and circulating through your home’s air supply. For many households, managing this unhealthy air requires additional energy. Duct sealing gives you more control over managing allergens and improves the indoor air quality for everyone while simultaneously saving energy.

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