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Damage to ductwork may cause a variety of problems in your home. This damage can prevent airflow and reduce your desired comfort levels. Below are some common ways your ducts may become damaged in Spring Hill, FL.

Improper Installation

Experts recommend hiring a qualified professional when installing ductwork. That’s because poor installation may result in ducts issues later on. For example, an inexperienced technician may fail to connect sections firmly, which will later develop leaks.

If your energy bills have increased lately, it might be due to leaking ducts. Contact your HVAC contractor for inspections and repairs.

Damage Due to Rust

In older homes, ducts may get damaged due to rust. In most cases, this happens in the area between the floor joints, which acts as an air passage. Since the ducts are made of metal sheets, they may develop rust across the floor joist bottoms.

When this happens, they could experience severe air leaks and reduce your comfort. It also results in higher heating and cooling bills.

Collapsed Ducts Sections

Some parts of your air ducts may become weak and collapse over time. This happens for many reasons but primarily due to old age. It may either be a complete collapse or a partial collapse, and it’s a sign that you need to replace them.

Although ductwork lasts for many years, it doesn’t last forever. The material eventually breaks down and collapses. Schedule regular ductwork inspections and cleaning to identify potential problems before they occur.


It’s not uncommon for small animals to enter your ductwork and cause damage. It’s easy to know when they invade your duct system. You hear them scampering through the ductwork.

However, small insects such as ants can be hard to detect, but you may spot them entering and exiting the vents. If you suspect an animal or insect invasion, resolve the issue immediately to avoid severe damage.

Expert duct cleaners can help you identify damage and recommend repairs or replacements. For more information about our duct services, contact the team at Senica Air Conditioning.

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