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window treatmentsAhh, Florida in the summertime. Around here, we love our sunshine and Gulf breezes – but, months of sticky Southern humidity and outrageous power bills? Well, that’s something we would happily do without. If you’re like most residents of the Tampa-Clearwater area, you’re probably looking for some instant relief. The good news is that you can slash your power bill year-round by simply investing in the right window treatments. Here are some helpful suggestions:

  1. Consider using shades. You’d be surprised how many Florida homeowners are using the wrong shades – or no shades at all. However, a good set of shades will keep much of the heat out and save money. When shopping for shades, seek a high quality option – like a fabric honeycomb style. These sorts of window treatments not only aid in insulating your home, they also look quite attractive.  
  2. Invest in quality blinds or shutters. While shades are great for blocking the sunlight altogether, blinds or shades may be a better option for spaces where you want to control the amount of light you receive. Instead of cheap aluminum blinds, choose wood or composite style shutters. Stylish options, like plantation style shutters, are easy to use and complement the Southern charm of your Florida home.  
  3. Choose drapes carefully. When it comes to window treatments, nothing is quite as classy as beautifully designed drapes. Instead of sheer panels, opt for thicker weave styles that will black out the sunlight when fully closed. Also, keep in mind that drapes are twice as effective when paired with a good set of shades, blinds or an energy-efficient panel liner.

Of course, if you find that even with additional energy-saving options in place you’re still losing too much energy, schedule a service appointment with Senica Air Conditioning, Inc. to ensure your A/C is running properly. In this heat, it’s important to stay cool. Of course, take time to enjoy the weather as well. After all, this is the sunshine state.

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