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It’s springtime, and the days of turning on your air-conditioning system to cool your Crystal River, Florida, home has been here for a while. It’s early in the cooling season, so it’s a very good time to have your annual routine maintenance done. We cannot understate how important it is to have your HVAC system serviced at least annually (if not semi-annually) to keep it in working order. Learn about the importance of AC tune-ups and cleaning this spring and who you can call for thorough, professional service to keep your system running like new.

The Importance of AC Cleaning in Spring

Spring is the ideal time to schedule HVAC service. Typically your AC system isn’t working at its maximum yet, and many things could need attention and checking after 3-4 months (or more) of your air-conditioning system being offline. It’s not yet peak season for professionals, which also means it can be easier to get a fast appointment.

Benefits of Spring AC Tune-up Cleaning

There are several direct benefits that underscore the importance of AC cleaning every year. Regular tune-ups make sure your system isn’t working harder than it should, which helps to keep your energy usage down and your utility bills low. It can also help to stave off potentially costly repairs while extending the life of your unit.

If your unit is still under factory warranty, you may have to stick to a routine of maintenance and service. If you don’t, you might void the warranty. It’s vital to change your filters and have your unit cleaned and inspected on schedule so that if you do need repairs, the warranty will cover them.

Call the Professionals

If you have any questions, would like more information about the importance of an AC tune-up and cleaning, or to set up a maintenance agreement, call the professionals at Senica Air Conditioning at 866-881-5935. Senica Air has served the Crystal River and Spring Hill areas for over two decades, and we’re ready to help you. Call us today.

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