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shutterstock_260706500Ductless systems offer Tampa area homeowners many options for home cooling and heating room additions, sunrooms and more. Like any home comfort system, ductless A/Cs and heat pumps must be used correctly for maximum benefit. Use these tips to increase comfort and savings with a ductless system in your home.

Setting the Temperature

The advanced technologies used in ductless systems allow you to enjoy consistent temperatures by continuously monitoring evaporator coil temperature and scanning room, or “zone,” temperatures. To control zone temperatures, ductless systems offer wireless handheld thermostat controls standard and optional hard-wired wall thermostats and WiFi-linked controls. Make sure your temperature controls are in “cool” mode in warmer weather and “heat” mode in cooler weather. You may also select “dry” mode when indoor humidity is high in your Tampa home.

Fan Modes

Select ductless models offer multiple fan speeds with automatic changeover. Automatic fan speed changes help maximize heat exchange by adjusting airflow across the evaporator. The high-efficiency refrigerant flowing through the evaporator can maintain zone temperatures within one degree of your setting when “auto” fan speed is selected. Ductless systems also offer an oscillating feature to enhance airflow through the zone.

Let the Ductless System Do the Work

When your ductless system is set in “auto” positions for temperature and fan at your desired settings, you don’t have to bother making adjustments when zone conditions change due to an open door or changing outside weather conditions. You can relax in comfort and hardly realize your ductless system is running with its quiet operation.

Zoned Temperature Control

One way to increase comfort and savings with a ductless system is to maximize its point-of-use cooling and heating. If other areas of the home are unoccupied, turn off additional comfort systems for maximum energy savings. Ductless systems should be sized to the zone in which they’re installed, however, you can open doors to other rooms to take advantage of ductless efficiency.

Learn more about how to increase comfort and savings with a ductless system, as well as ductless cooling and heating solutions, from the pros at Senica Air Conditioning, Inc., Inc., or call us at 866-881-5935 to schedule an appointment for your Tampa area home.

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