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When it comes to replacing the heating and cooling system in your Pinellas County FL home, it is important to consider the expense before and after the installation. On the one hand, you want low cost HVAC installation that makes it easier to absorb the initial expense of purchasing a new unit. At the same time, you want to go with a system that will be affordable to operate and maintain. At Senica Air Conditioning, Inc., we understand the need to consider cost before and after the installation and will help you come up with the decision that is right for you. 

Choosing the Right System

One of the ways that we help our customers with low cost HVAC installation in Pinellas County FL is by assisting in determining the type of system that will provide the level of service required. This means coming to your home and evaluating the specific factors that influence the selection of a heating and cooling system. We will want to point you in the direction of systems that have the capability to adequately cool and heat the home any time of the year. We also want to consider any special features that you might find helpful with the operation of the system. In order to ensure that the operational expense is kept within reason, we will also explore different options that focus on the energy rating of the systems we offer and how those ratings affect the amount you spend for energy.  The ultimate goal is to identify one of the systems we offer that will meet your needs in terms of performance while also being a good fit for your household budget. By working together, we can consider all the available options and come up with something that will satisfy your needs. 

Managing the Cost

After receiving the estimate for the purchase and low cost HVAC installation, you will be in a position to decide how to pay for the unit and the labor involved in the installation. We offer several financing options for you to choose from upon credit approval. You may want to finance the cost through your own bank or finance company. Once the financing is in place, we can work together to set a start date for the installation of the new unit. 

After the Installation

At Senica Air Conditioning, Inc., we want to continue to serve you after the low cost HVAC installation is complete. To that end, we offer service and maintenance agreements for all the units we sell. These contracts can help provide discounts and special pricing on such important maintenance strategies as regular inspections, diagnostics and various types of repairs. For example, you will find that some services are provided at no additional charge, while other services are offered at discounted rates. After looking over the terms of those agreements, we believe you will find the cost of the contracts is easily offset by the benefits and special pricing that you receive throughout the year. 

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