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As the summer heat arrives in Ocala, FL, your air conditioner will experience more stress as it works to keep your home comfortable. Here are five ways to get the most from your AC on the hottest days without breaking your budget.

1. Shade Your AC Unit

Your air conditioner works by absorbing heat inside your home and transferring it outside. However, the hotter your condensing unit becomes, the less heat it can transfer out of the circulating refrigerant. A simple way to keep your condenser cooler is to shade your unit to prevent solar heat absorption.

2. Keep Your Air Filter Clean

Your system must be able to circulate air in order to provide the maximum cooling effect for your home. A clogged air filter prevents air from circulating through your system effectively. This not only reduces the cooling capacity, but the additional strain leads to preventable AC repairs.

3. Use Some Fans

Summer relief is about how you feel in your home as much as it is about the actual air temperature. While your HVAC system will circulate the air that actually cools your home, fans help, too.

Ceiling fans, desktop fans and pedestal fans add a wind-chill effect to help the air feel several degrees cooler against your skin. This allows you to set your AC a few degrees warmer, saving money without sacrificing comfort.

4. Use Blinds Appropriately

Sunlight makes everyone enjoy the living space more, but it also substantially increases the temperature. Be sure to keep blinds closed when they’re in direct sunlight to reduce solar heat transference into your home.

5. Have Your AC Professionally Maintained

Low refrigerant, a dirty evaporator coil or circulating fan or components operating inefficiently all prevent proper cooling. A technician cleans your system, checks refrigerant levels and tests each component during professional maintenance. This prepares your system to keep your home comfortable all summer long.

Get the most from your air conditioning this summer by keeping it running efficiently. Call to schedule your AC maintenance with our experts at Senica Air Conditioning.

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