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When it comes time to replace the air conditioning system in your Hillsborough County, FL home, there are many new technological advancements and trends that have improved air conditioning systems. These new technological trends and advancements offer many benefits including reduced energy consumption, lower energy bills and better durability and longevity. Our air conditioning installation technicians offer these tips about new technology trends for your Hillsborough County, FL air conditioning system. Energy Efficiency Today’s air conditioning systems have higher levels of energy efficiency than ever before. When considering an air conditioning installation in your Hillsborough County, FL home, ask our air conditioning installation technicians about models with high SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) ratings. These cooling systems require less electricity to operate and use up to 50 percent less energy compared with air conditioners that lack an Energy Star rating. Durability New air conditioning systems are built with the most advanced and highest quality of materials. These high standards increase the durability and longevity of today’s cooling systems. You will enjoy comfort in your Hillsborough County, FL home with fewer air conditioner repairs or system breakdowns. Our air conditioning installation technicians recommend regular maintenance to ensure the longevity of your new system. Environmentally Friendly Today’s technology for air conditioners is more environmentally friendly than air conditioning systems built just five or ten years ago. Technology trends in coolants for air conditioners include a phase out of Freon (R-22) due to its contributions to ozone depletion. New technology has spurred the development of more environmentally friendly coolants that cost less than Freon and do not cause ozone depletion and other environmental problems. When you perform an air conditioning installation, you can rest assured that your new air conditioner is an environmentally friendly and responsible choice.

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