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Christmas is often a time of consumption where people use more gas, electricity, and resources than they normally would at other times during the year. Approach your Brooksville, Florida, Christmas with an environmentally friendly mindset. Make your holiday activities lighter on the environment through conscious home-heating choices, eco-friendly gifts, and sustainable trees.  

Heat the Home Wisely

You don’t always need to turn on the heat to keep your home comfortable. Try planning activities that naturally warm the house during the coolest parts of the day.

Bake holiday cookies in the evening when outdoor temperatures are lower. Toss clothing in the dryer before bed. Use your heating system as a last resort and turn to other methods for staying comfortable first so that you use less energy.

Give Green Gifts

Strive to give your friends and family members green, sustainable gifts this holiday. Purchase clothing and textiles made from organic cotton. Use recycled paper or seed paper for your cards. Shop at thrift stores, antique malls, and consignment shops for gently loved gifts.

New items put a significant strain on the environment for everything from manufacturing to packaging, but previously owned treasures tread lightly on the earth as they make their way to new homes.

Pick a Sustainable Tree

If you opt for a live tree, get one locally. Try to find a tree farm with organic and sustainable growing methods. If you prefer an artificial tree, look for a used tree on online auction or classified advertising websites. Keep your artificial tree for as many years as possible to reduce its footprint on the environment. Set a goal to keep an artificial tree around your home for at least a decade.

Make sure your home’s comfort systems are operating as efficiently as possible this holiday season by scheduling an annual HVAC system tuneup as early as possible. Call Senica Air Conditioning, Inc. at 866-881-5935 to learn how our experts can keep your home eco-friendly and efficient this season.

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