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Programmable thermostats can help you save electricity and lower your electric bills. These digital wonders allow you to programmatically set the temperature in your home. You can set temperature to be a few degrees lower or higher depending on the occupancy of your home. If your home is unoccupied during the day, you can program the AC to 80 degrees or even warmer. 

Some homeowners even opt to turn off their air conditioning units when no one is home. The programmable digital thermostat lets you take control over your HVAC system, which reduces your home's energy usage. A programmable device can save you as much as $150 a year on your utility bills. 

Programmable Thermostat Benefits

Inexpensive and Easy to Install

Programmable devices are available for any budget. These thermostats may be purchased from any home improvement store for under $100. The handy homeowner can install the device with a minimal amount of effort and a couple of tools. An HVAC technician can install a digital thermostat in less than an hour if you prefer a professional installation. 

Energy Savings

Once you install your digital thermostat, program the device to take advantage of the energy savings. Program a higher AC temperature for the daytime when no one is home. Be sure to program the device for vacations and weekends when you are away. Programmable devices can only save you money if you program them to conserve energy. 

Temperature Control

If you pay the electric bill, you probably appreciate precise control over the temperature in your home. You probably set the temperature to be a comfortable setting, yet you want to save money, too. Programmable thermostats allow you to control the heating and cooling in your home at anytime of the night or day. Some devices are even accessible by smartphone and can be integrated with home automation systems. 

Comfort Control

Most people like a cool room for sleeping. Waking up is another story, however. A toasty warm home with the aroma of fresh brewed coffee circulating through the air is the ideal way to wake up for many. You can program your thermostat to keep the home cool during the night, and then warm up the home just in time for breakfast. 

Environmentally Friendly

Programmable thermostats are an environmentally friendly alternative to analog thermostats. The old-school analog thermostats contain mercury. Digital thermostats do not contain mercury and they use very little energy to operate. Replace your analog thermostat with a digital model to make your home more eco-friendly. If you would like more information about replacing your thermostat for a more energy efficient unit, call Senica Air Conditioning, Inc.. Senica is a leading provider of HVAC services in the greater Springhill FL area. We can assist you in selecting a programmable thermostat that best meets your needs. We will then dispatch an HVAC technician to install the device and demonstrate how to use the thermostat. When you need a heating and air conditioning company for any project in Springhill FL, call Senica Air Conditioning, Inc..

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