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Proper Humidification Keeps You Healthy in the Tampa Area

 While your air conditioning and heating system regulates the temperature of your home to help you feel more comfortable, another important factor to consider is the humidity level of your home. Although the outdoor air in the Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater communities usually has high levels of humidity, when your air conditioner and furnace run, they tend to make the indoor air of your home drier, which can cause health problems including itching, dry skin, cracked lips and a scratchy throat. Humidifiers are used as a natural way to treat many common medical concerns, including sinusitis, colds and other respiratory ailments. By using a humidifier in conjunction with your air conditioning and heating system, you can achieve proper humidification levels to keep you healthy.A qualified heating and cooling service technician can install a whole house humidifier that works alongside your furnace and air conditioner to make your home a comfortable place. Your whole house humidifier will control the humidity level inside your home to avoid extreme low or high humidity levels. The installer will set the humidifier to maintain humidity inside your home within the 30 to 50 percent range, which is the ideal level to prevent dry skin, treat respiratory ailments and avoid problems associated with humidity levels that are too high, such as mold growth.Hiring a certified and experienced heating and cooling professional at Senica Air  to install a whole house humidifier is a natural and convenient way to keep you and your family healthy. With proper maintenance, your home humidifier will give you benefits for many years, and may even help you avoid trips to the doctor for conditions such as cracked skin or sinusitis. Whole house humidifiers are a natural alternative to solving many of your weather-related health concerns.


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