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Mold in your home is problematic, but the humidity in Spring Hill, Florida, takes the problem to another level. Not only does mold invite health problems and poor indoor air quality, but it also leaves unsightly messes that lower the aesthetic and overall value of your home. Before mold gets out of hand, consider these ways to keep it out of your Florida home.

Keep an Eye on Moisture

Mold tends to flourish anywhere there’s excessive moisture. Most notably, this includes the kitchen and bathroom. However, there are ways to avoid this mess. When taking a shower, make sure to turn on the fan or open a window to let out any steam. Wipe up any excess water with a towel. The same goes for your kitchen. If you prepare a meal and spill water, wipe it up immediately.

Monitor Home Humidity

For a large part of the year, the Florida humidity nears 100 percent. However, it shouldn’t reach those levels in your home. By keeping the humidity between 30 percent and 60 percent, you reduce the chance for these spores to thrive. If your HVAC system isn’t controlling humidity well, consider a whole-home dehumidifier or a portable unit to help amend the situation.

Kill Mold on Your Houseplants

If you have potted plants in your home, they add a nice touch while filtering out some of the pollution in the air. However, mold loves to grow in the moist potting soil that surrounds them. This encourages growth, and spores from this may spread to other areas of your home. Use fungicide to kill any of these spores. Not only will this improve your air quality and lessen the chance, but it will keep your houseplants healthy.

Mold is a real problem in Florida homes, but if you remain vigilant about eradication, you’ll never have any serious issues. Proper HVAC maintenance can also help maintain a mold-free home. That’s when you should contact the experts at Senica Air Conditioning, Inc. Inc. at 866-881-5935.

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