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The ducts in your HVAC system supply all of the rooms in your Crystal River, Florida, home with conditioned air. If they’re dirty, they can reduce your indoor air quality, waste energy, and spread mold, pollen, dust, dirt, and other contaminants through your house. You may need to have duct cleaning completed by a professional if you notice strange noises, bad smells, frequent breakdowns, or rising utility bills.

Strange Noises

Loose ductwork can make a rattling or whistling sound. Since ducts often become looser with age, you could need to replace some parts of your duct system. You might also hear scurrying, squeaking, rattling, or banging noises from cockroaches, rats, raccoons, birds, or other pests in your ducts.

Even if you decide to hire an exterminator, you’ll need an experienced professional to clean your ducts thoroughly and get rid of annoying noises from bird nests, pest droppings, and dead organisms. Leaving these contaminants in your ductwork could also make your family’s allergy or asthma symptoms worse. Pests, mold, pollen, and other pollutants can cause runny noses, sore throats, coughing, irritated eyes, itchy skin, and other health problems as well.

Bad Smells

Mold in your ductwork often causes a stale or musty smell. It can also grow on your HVAC system’s air filter, on insulation, and underneath carpeting and wallpaper. Pollen, dirt, dust, and pest droppings can also build up in your ducts over time, reducing your heater or air conditioner’s airflow, and increasing dust and bad smells in your home.

Many people get used to bad smells over time, so take notice when you’re coming inside after being outside for a while. If you need to clean your ductwork, you could also notice more dust on your furniture and an air filter that gets dirty more often.

Frequent Breakdowns

When clogged or dirty ductwork restricts your HVAC system’s airflow, your heater or air conditioner will have to work harder, shortening its life. Dust, dirt, mold, and other debris in your ductwork can also travel to your HVAC system’s condenser or compressor and damage the machinery. You could have to make expensive, time-consuming repairs or even replace your heater or air conditioner. Keeping your Spring Hill, Florida, home’s ductwork clean will prevent problems and help keep your family comfortable.

Rising Utility Bills

If your home’s utility bills seem higher than normal, you may need to clean your ducts. That way, you can eliminate drafts or warm spots from clogged ductwork, and you won’t have to use your heater or air conditioner as much to keep your family comfortable. In many homes, the HVAC system is responsible for about half the utility bill. Cleaning your ductwork and making your system more efficient will help you save money and energy.

However, you should change your HVAC system’s air filter and make sure none of your air registers are blocked by carpeting or furniture before you have your ducts cleaned by a professional. You should also open an air register and check for dust, dirt, mold, or unpleasant smells in the part of the ductwork you can see. If your ducts look dirty, you should have them cleaned. You won’t be able to reach more than a few feet inside your ductwork without help. A professional HVAC technician uses specialized equipment to clean all parts of your ducts.

If your ducts look clean, you could need to seal leaks in your ductwork as well. You might also need more insulation for your home or an upgrade for your HVAC system. Have a professional check your heater, your air conditioner, your ductwork, and your insulation to help you choose the best, most cost-effective way to save energy.

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