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Florida can be very changeable during the winter months. One day you’re turning up the air conditioning to stave off the heat of Shady Hills, Florida, and the next night you could be turning on the heat. You know that you’ll lower your energy efficiency, but what choice do you have? Do you sacrifice comfort for efficiency? While some homeowners may very willingly make that sacrifice, there are more ways to stay warm than to turn up the heater. Stay warm this winter without pushing your heating system by focusing on keeping what matters warm: you.

Use Natural Heat

While outdoor air is more frigid than you’d like in your home, you can always rely on the sun. During the day, open curtains and blinds to let in the sunlight, which will naturally heat your living space. However, don’t forget to close those blinds and drapes at night to keep out the cold air.

Use Layers

You don’t need to reserve a sweater for only the outdoors. When feeling particularly chilly, throw on extra layers. Carry a blanket around the house if you need to. And rather than cranking up the heat during the cold nights, lay extra blankets on the bed. As long as you’re warm, the rest of your home will be fine.

Regulate Humidity

Believe it or not, humidity in your home plays a bigger role in comfort than you may think. And while you may normally be annoyed by Florida’s high summer humidity, humidity can be used to your advantage in the winter. Normally, humidity drops in the colder seasons, which actually makes air feel colder than it is. Raise your home’s humidity using a humidifier, and that moisture will trap much-needed heat.

You deserve to stay warm without stressing about your utility bills, so focus on keeping yourself toasty rather than your entire home. For more help efficiently heating your home, call our heating specialists at Senica Air Conditioning, Inc. at 866-881-5935.

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