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Senica Air Conditioning, Inc. is an air conditioner repair and installation company in Clearwater, Florida that helps homeowners improve their energy efficiency. When you schedule an appointment with our air conditioning specialists, they will discuss the various heating and air conditioning options you have to improve your HVAC system efficiency.  If you have owned your air conditioner for more than 10 years, replacing it with a more energy efficient model is one of your best air conditioning options. Some other heating and air conditioning options that our air conditioning specialists may recommend include increasing the insulation in your home, sealing openings around doors and windows, staying up to date on changing the filter in your furnace and air conditioner and more. At our air conditioner repair and installation company, the air conditioning specialists take their time in providing you with a comprehensive list or air conditioning options and other energy efficiency options. Before our air conditioner repair and installation company makes any energy efficiency upgrades to your Clearwater home or business, we will discuss your alternatives and provide a cost estimate. If you decide to install a new air conditioner to replace an old and inefficient one, our air conditioner repair and installation company represents some of the finest air conditioner manufacturers available. Our air conditioning specialists will provide detailed information about the features and benefits of each in order for you to make an informed decision. There are numerous benefits to living in an energy efficient home, starting with the cost savings. After cutting back on wasteful energy use, you should notice a decrease in utility operation costs almost immediately. You will also feel more comfortable with equal heat and cool air distribution. Yet another reason to have Senica Air Conditioning, Inc. upgrade your energy efficiency is the immediate improvement to your indoor air quality.

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