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Many Florida homeowners already know that maintaining your home’s energy efficiency is the key to keeping your energy bills down. There are a number of ways to do this, from installing new insulation to putting in a smart thermostat. However, if you’re going to get the most out of your air conditioning system, it’s vital to ensure that the A/C coils are working at maximum efficiency.

What A/C coils do

The evaporator coils in your air conditioning system are located in the air handling unit inside your home. In order to cool and dehumidify indoor air, the air flows across these cooled coils. Heat extracted from the air is then sent to the condensing coils in the condenser outside your home. The refrigerant inside these coils converts from gas to liquid and then back to gas. In the process, it transfers the heat from inside your home to the outside air. If either of these sets of A/C coils are dirty, the unit’s efficiency will be reduced.

How dirt accumulates

By their nature, the coils in your A/C system are prone to collecting dirt and debris. The temperature changes in the coils produce condensation that in turn collects any floating particulates. Whether inside or outside your home, the coils in your system can easily collect dust and other particulates. Although regular air filter changes can reduce this problem, your coils will still eventually become dirty.

Calling a professional

It can be difficult to clean the A/C coils in your system, which is why it’s usually best to call in a professional to have this done. One of the best ways to ensure that the job gets done on a regular basis is to purchase an annual maintenance contract.

Making sure that your A/C coils are clean will save you money throughout the year. If you have any further questions, please contact Senica Air Conditioning, Inc.. Our team of professionals will be happy to help you.

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