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An AC unit that sits outside your home or business in Crystal River, FL needs to be level to perform properly. This may require additional installation steps, such as putting a concrete pad in or other methods. If technicians don’t correctly install your AC and it is not level as a result, it can cause damage to components in the unit.

Draining Water

Proper water drainage through the drain pan is an issue if your air handler isn’t level also. Overflow of the drain pan can cause problems like rust and overflow causing damage to your home. An AC system inspection by trained professionals can help to make sure your AC system is level.

A Note on Compressors

The compressor plays a key role in heating and cooling inside the AC unit, which means that if something goes wrong with it, the AC unit will not perform well. If a compressor isn’t level, the oil inside the compressor will be uneven. This can cause damage due to improper lubrication. To avoid overheating the compressor, the AC unit should sit level.

Vibration Damage

An unlevel AC unit system can experience excess vibration and shaking, causing some serious problems. This might seem like a minor issue, but it can cause lasting damages that will likely cost you extra out-of-pocket expenses. Refrigerant lines and other components in the unit can loosen and wear out quicker with vibration if you leave your AC unit unlevel.

While it may be easy to overlook whether or not your AC is level, it’s worthwhile to consider this impact on how well it performs. If you live in or near Crystal River, FL, contact a trusted HVAC repair and maintenance company like Senica Air. Our technicians can diagnose major and minor problems with your AC unit and offer quality services to keep your HVAC performing as it should.

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