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Keeping an HVAC system in the state of good air condition repair is essential to your comfort and to your pocketbook. In addition, investing in a maintenance plan with regular scheduled visits can help avoid costly repairs. Over time, even a well-maintained system may need repairs. Some of the most the most common repairs include low refrigerant due to leaks, the fan motor and the compressor. Recently, the HVAC industry has changed the way it charges for refrigerant. Many commercial buildings and homes with air conditioner units over five years of age use the refrigerant known as R-22. This refrigerant has been currently discontinued and is not used in newer systems. New government regulations have limited the manufacturing of R-22. As a result, the law of low supply and high demand has caused the price to increase significantly. Today, most HVAC companies charge between $30 and $70 per pound for R-22. The amount a unit will need from a leak can vary from two to 10 pounds. If the unit should need 10 pounds at a cost of $70 per pound, that would add up to a hefty $700. To prevent any future expense for refrigerant, we strongly recommend the leak be repaired. Depending on the extent of the leak, the average repair for leaks is $1,000. Having the leak repaired will save you a lot more money in the long run. The fan motor on an air conditioner unit removes heat from the compressor. If the fan is not running properly, the unit can overheat, and the compressor will turn off. The number one reason for fan motor failure is a faulty capacitor. This part operates as a jump starter to the motor. The air condition repair for this part ranges in model and type, but typical replacement costs range from $275 to $575. It is essential to have the part repaired or replaced for operation of the system. Air condition repair to the compressor can cost a lot. The compressor is like the engine to a car and without it, the system won't cool. The compressor pumps gas from the outdoor condenser into the home. If the compressor isn't operating properly, it could be a faulty capacitor and replacing the part may suffice. If the compressor has completely failed, it will probably have to be replaced. A new condenser can range from $1500 to $2200. If the unit it old, the air condition repair may not be worth it, and we would advise investing in a new system to save yourself money in the long run. For air condition repair in Pasco County, FL, consider Senica Air Conditioning, Inc.. The Senica Air Conditioning, Inc. company has been serving the residents of Pasco County, FL for many years. The company's technicians are licensed, certified and highly-trained specialists that can repair, install or service any HVAC system. The company also offers several preventative maintenance plans to help keep your HVAC system running efficiently and increase the lifecycle of your HVAC system. In addition, all work is 100 percent guaranteed.

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