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Heat pumps are a great addition to your Spring Hill, Florida home. That’s because these systems provide year-round comfort, and help lower energy costs. All you have to do is ensure your system is properly maintained. Here’s how heat pump maintenance can help increase your indoor comfort, avoid costly repairs, and improve your system’s efficiency.

Increase Indoor Comfort

Checking and changing your HVAC filters often is an essential task for your heat pump to do its job. We recommend checking your HVAC filters monthly and changing them at least once every quarter. The filter captures dust and dirt, holding it in the filter so it isn’t continually circulated throughout your home. This is one way that your heat pump helps to keep your indoor air clean and healthy. Failing to check and change the filter when it’s dirty can cause your filter to get clogged which prevents your system from circulating air efficiently. A dirty filter also causes your heat pump to work harder, shortening its lifespan and costing more in energy because it’s working harder and longer than it needs to.

Avoid Costly Repairs

Costly heat pump repair is something any homeowner would like to avoid, and professional maintenance can help you do so. During a heat pump maintenance visit, your expert technician will inspect, calibrate and clean every component of your system.

A comprehensive maintenance check can also help small issues with your system that might be going unnoticed, but could potentially turn into bigger problems and even complete system breakdowns – a Summer nightmare for any Florida resident.

Improve Your System’s Efficiency

Maintenance will ensure every component in your system is in top-notch condition to guarantee efficient heating and cooling for your home. Nevertheless, there are simple tasks that homeowners can perform that will also help improve your system’s efficiency. For example, you can check the condensate line and make sure it’s dripping. If it isn’t dripping when your AC is on, your AC could very well stop working, and a technician would need to clear the line and check to make sure everything else is working.

For more information about how heat pump maintenance can benefit you, check out Senica’s maintenance agreements or call us for more info.

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