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It may not seem as though attic insulation matters in the summer. After all, it’s in the winter that heat rises and is lost if the attic is poorly insulated. However, the summer is a good time to add attic insulation because heat not only rises – it also radiates.

The attic reaches unbearably hot temperatures up to 150 degrees in the summer, especially in warm, humid climates such as Florida. This heat warms your home’s entire structure through radiant heat gain. Wood, cement and other home building materials absorb heat readily and radiate it back, which is why your ceiling feels so warm in the summer despite the cool, air conditioned interior. That means, without insulation to block radiant heat gain, the heat passes from the air in the attic to the attic floor to the ceiling and ultimately to the air in your home.

The last thing you want in the summer is heat radiating inside. The more heat gain there is, the harder your air conditioner must work to keep you comfortable. A hard-working air conditioner wears out sooner and raises your cooling costs all summer long.

The decision to add attic insulation is a cost-effective one that could pay you back in year-round energy savings very quickly. Of course, before you install insulation on the attic floor, you should seal any air leaks there caused by penetrations. If you can see through a hole in the floor, hot air can escape through it. Expanding spray foam is probably your best bet for blocking these gaps and cracks.

Then, with the floor properly sealed, lay a thick layer of cellulose, fiberglass or another type of insulation over every inch of the attic floor. It’s typically a do-it-yourself job that pays great dividends and keeps your home more comfortable no matter the season.

To learn more about installing attic insulation in your Florida home, please contact Senica Air Conditioning, Inc. today. We provide Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater residents with professional heating and cooling services. We are confident our well-trained technicians can address any questions or concerns you have.

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