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As professionals in the heating and cooling industry, we encourage you to check your air conditioning system as Spring approaches to ensure it is working properly. Summer can be really hot in Tampa, FL and the surrounding areas, and you will want your air conditioning unit to be working as efficiently as possible.  Now is a good time to have your air conditioning system checked so that preventative measures can be taken for you to be fully prepared for the upcoming weather.  You can also follow these helpful tips.

1. Perform simple air conditioning troubleshooting on your own.  Simple cleaning can make a lot of difference and can help you save a lot of money, as you can prevent costly repair charges.  One of our professional service technicians can assist you with what areas to clean and how often in Tampa, FL and the surrounding areas.

2. Check the air filter.  This is an easy task, and you will want to do this about once a month.  If your air filter is loaded with dust, it needs to either be cleaned or replaced.  Some air filters are washable and reusable, while others need to be thrown away.  In Tampa, FL and the surrounding areas, you most likely run your air conditioning unit year-round, so it is important to remember to check the cleanliness of your filter.

3. Check the coil by opening the unit's case.  Take note of visible leaks and tears.  Remove any dust or dirt from the interior, as this will allow all of the parts to be exposed.  Observe physical changes like ruts or breaks.

4. Pay attention to temperature changes, air quality changes, or unusual noises.  For example, if you notice a change in the regularity of the temperature or if you notice that you are sneezing or coughing more often, these could be signs that you need to have your HVAC system checked by one of our Tampa, FL technicians.  If you notice unusual noises, be sure to mention these to our HVAC expert who can identify the problem.

5. Invest in a service maintenance plan so that your system can be checked regularly; not only to prepare you for Spring, but also for Summer, as it is quickly approaching, as well.

Our technicians serve the Tampa, FL area, as well as surrounding areas, and can assist you with any of the above preventative measures.

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