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smiling-tech-300When something goes wrong with the A/C in your Clearwater home, it takes top billing on your to-do list. That doesn’t always mean you have to call an HVAC technician right away. Try these tips to troubleshoot common A/C problems before calling for an air conditioning repair.

Troubleshoot Common A/C Problems

Common air conditioner issues may be caused by airflow restrictions somewhere in the system, drainage problems and thermostat issues. Here are some areas to look at to help determine the issue and potentially solve it:

  • Thermostat heat anticipator – The thermostat heat anticipator is a device that estimates, or anticipates, when the room temperature will consistently be at the thermostat’s set point. This prevents HVAC equipment from frequently cycling near thermostat set point. Remove the thermostat housing to access the thermostat heat anticipator. It’s a metal switch with a triangular tip. Move the switch one notch until your A/C cycles as you like. Consider upgrading to a programmable thermostat to avoid this issue.
  • Condenser debris – The outdoor unit must be clear of debris inside and out in order to cool efficiently. Keep debris, vegetation and other airflow barriers away, and hose off the unit every three months.
  • Condensate pump – Is the A/C dripping water? A faulty condensate pump or clogged drain tube is likely the problem. If the clog is from algae and mold, a cup of bleach followed by a cup of water should clear it. If it’s debris, it needs to be cleared by an HVAC tech. If the pump is faulty, that too requires a professional’s attention.
  • Air filter – Airflow blockages often occur due to a dirty, clogged air filter. Check the filter and clean or change as needed. You’ll get your cooling on track and save energy.
  • Sizing – If the A/C runs continuously or quick-cycles, meaning to comes on and off often, it may be the wrong size for your home. The problem will be magnified on very high cooling-demand days. Work with your HVAC tech for a solution, which could be a blower motor adjustment, duct re-sizing or an A/C upgrade for the best results.

Learn more about A/C solutions and how to troubleshoot common A/C problems in your Clearwater home from the experienced pros at Senica Air Conditioning, Inc., or call us at 866-881-5935 to schedule an appointment.

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