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Running your HVAC system most of the year is hard on it, and can cause problems to crop up. Ductless mini-split systems can have unique issues that need a keen eye to find. Knowing how to spot and troubleshoot these problems will keep them from growing into a total system failure.

How a Ductless Mini-Split HVAC System Works

Your ductless mini-split system works like a standard heat pump system but with the components split around your home. The condenser sits outside your house, with its refrigerant lines running into your home.

Air handlers placed on the walls inside act to treat the air in each room where they hang. Each air handler is a zone you can set to your preferred temperature.

Stay Ahead of Trouble

Your ductless mini-split system is a convenient alternative to running ductwork throughout your house. It can fool you into thinking that it needs little attention, but that isn’t true. Your ductless mini-split system still needs regular maintenance throughout the year to operate at peak efficiency.

Uneven Temperature Between Rooms

If you notice that the temperature differs significantly from one room to another and the settings are the same, you may have an issue with one of your air handlers. Make certain that each air handler is operating and moving air, then verify that each is moving cool air when appropriate. If one air handler isn’t blowing cool enough to compete with the heat, then there’s a problem with the refrigerant line.

Not Cooling at All

If your mini-split HVAC is blowing in every room with an air handler but isn’t cooling your house, go outside and check the condenser unit. Check for ice buildup on the outside of the unit. If you see frost and ice, then your condenser is in need of service.

Entire System Down

If your entire system is down, check the air handler displays for an error code. If you see one, call for service and give the HVAC company the error code. If the display is dead, check the breaker for your mini-split system before you call for service.

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