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The air conditioning condenser in your St. Petersburg, FL home acts as a heat exchanger and turns warm air into cool air. It absorbs the heat coming into your St. Petersburg, FL air conditioning unit and turns it from vapor refrigerant to liquid refrigerant. The coils surrounding the condenser in your air conditioning system help to hold it in place so it can perform its job effectively. The opposite process takes places within heating units. Unfortunately, both coils and condensers can become worn out and rusted. When this happens, they will need to be replaced. When the condenser and coils are subject to too much moisture, it can lead to a problem with mold growing inside of the unit. A service technician from a St. Petersburg, FL heating and cooling company can diagnose any problems you are having with the condensers or coils of your heating or air conditioning system. Occasionally, these parts can freeze, so it is helpful to have a HVAC company nearby that you can call for service. You can help to prevent service calls to a St. Petersburg, FL heating and cooling company by cleaning these parts of your HVAC system regularly. To start the process, remove the grille from the front of your air conditioner. You will need to remove the air filter to locate the condenser coils. When you find it, take a portable vacuum cleaner or a long hose from a stand-alone unit to remove any debris that is stuck to the coils on your condenser. Next, use a specialty comb to straighten any bends in the coils. You will need to purchase the comb from a hardware store or a local HVAC dealer. Finally, use a damp rag to wipe down the coils. This process can be repeated for the condenser coils in your furnace.

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