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uv lightsNobody likes germs, and it’s an unfortunate reality that everyone has them in their households. What’s needed is something effective in fighting harmful organic pollutants, which is where UV lights come in.

The Importance of Indoor Air Quality

The truth is, many homeowners don’t give much thought to their indoor air quality, which is unfortunate. High concentrations of microorganisms in a home can increase risks of getting sick or even developing dangerous respiratory problems. For sufferers of allergies and asthma, or any other respiratory issue, the threat is even worse.

Installation of Ultraviolet Lights

UV lights will eradicate organic pollutants including bacteria, viruses, mold spores and more. They do this by breaking down the molecular bonds that hold the organism’s cells together. Installation of a UV light germicidal filtration system is typically completed by an HVAC technician. You can choose to have the lights installed to treat the air that passes through your home’s ductwork or to shine directly on your heat pump or A/C components where mold and bacteria are likely to settle and grow (indoor coil and condensate pan). Or you can opt for both strategies. 

The Benefits of a UV Light System

If you decide to install a UV light system, you can enjoy these benefits:

  • Better indoor air quality – Overall, your home will have fresher, cleaner air to breath, with the majority of organic pollutants eliminated.
  • Hands-off operation – Once the lights have been installed, you can sit back and let them do all the work, just changing out the bulbs annually, or every two years, depending on where they’re installed. 
  • Protection of your HVAC components – If you install the lights to treat your HVAC system components, mold and bacteria that accumulates will be removed, easing the job of your system components.
  • Improved efficiency – Another great benefit to treating the aforementioned components is to improve the efficiency of the heat-exchange process, saving you both energy and money.
  • Better health – If you want to protect the health of your family, installing UV lights to greatly reduce organic pollutants is definitely a great strategy.

If you’d like more information about UV lights, or other home comfort issues, please contact the friendly experts at Senica Air Conditioning, Inc., Inc. We’ve been serving the heating and cooling needs of the Tampa-Clearwater-St. Petersburg area since 1992.

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