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Living in a warm climate such as that in St. Petersburg FL means that you rely more on your central air conditioning for indoor comfort far more than your home heating system. However, even in warm climates, there is an occasional need for home heating to prevent discomfort and costly problems such as frozen pipes. At Senica Air Conditioning, Inc., we offer solutions for home heating in St. Petersburg FL to get you through those infrequent chilly winter days and nights.

Heat Pump Systems

Heat pump systems are an effective and energy efficient solution for home heating in subtropical and humid St. Petersburg FL.  Heat pumps are often part of a split system. Split systems are a good choice where temperatures down in the 30’s aren’t constant when they do happen, a heat pump might not be the most energy efficient option.  In homes with natural gas, a back up furnace for the coldest days could be the best option.  This is particulary true of homes with vaulted ceilings or single pane windows.  The heat coils of a heat pump kick in when the heat pump along can’t raise the interior temperature adequately.  Heat pumps can only raise interior temperatures 30 degrees higher than the exterior.  

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps move warm air from one location to another in order to heat or cool a house. During the summer months, the heat pump functions like a typical central air conditioning system, taking warm air out of your home and ventilating it to the outdoors. In the winter months, the heat pump reverses this cycle with the simple press of a button on the thermostat. Warm air is pulled from the outdoors and moved into the home to raise the temperature in the winter. This type of heat pump is only recommended for warm climates such as that of Florida.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground source heat pumps offer better energy efficiency than air source heat pumps and produce more reliable heating in climates that are not quite as mild. The ground source heat pump warms a home by drawing upon the warmth within the soil. This type of system is more costly to purchase and to install when compared to an air source heat pump. 


Most Florida homeowners do not need the heat production capacity of a furnace. However, furnaces do offer high energy efficiency and are an effective heating option when the outdoor temperature drops below freezing. Consumers can choose between electric and gas furnaces. Select the system with the highest annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) that fits into your budget for the best level of savings.When you need a home heating system for your St. Petersburg FL home, we are here for you.

We offer reasonably priced heating equipment that is perfect for the needs of a warm climate. By bringing to you superior customer service and unbiased advice for heating your home, we hope that you will return to us for all of your future heating and air conditioning needs. Our exert service technicians have many years of experience in maintaining, repairing and installing all types of heating systems as well as air conditioning equipment. We look forward to helping you find the best heating equipment to ensure your comfort this winter and for many more winters in the future.

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