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energy audit 2Many Tampa homeowners assume that conserving energy and being energy efficient are two sides of the same coin. However, both of these terms are not one and the same. Nevertheless, energy conservation and energy efficiency are both essential for keeping your energy usage affordable and reasonable.

What Is Energy Conservation?

Conserving energy involves cutting back on the things that consume energy. For example, that means lowering your home’s thermostat a few degrees during the winter or leaving most of the lights off while you’re away from home. Cutting back on your comfort and convenience level is part and parcel with energy conservation, in many cases.

What Does Being Energy-Efficient Mean?

Being energy efficient is a bit different from conserving energy. Whereas energy conservation involves leaving your home’s lights off while you’re gone, energy efficiency means replacing those light bulbs with alternatives that use less energy while producing the same amount of light.

In short, energy efficiency is a reduction of overall energy consumption without compromising on your current level of comfort. Replacing appliances with an energy-saving dishwasher, refrigerator or washer/dryer combo helps save energy without any loss in comfort or convenience.

Conservation vs. Efficiency

Energy conservation offers plenty of immediate, short-term results that can help you reduce energy bills. Making your home energy efficient, on the other hand, is a long-term investment that offers lower energy bills in the near future.

When it comes to heating and cooling efficiency, contact the pros at Senica Air Conditioning, Inc.. Since 1992, we’ve helped Tampa homeowners by providing top-notch service and expertise.

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