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Because most central HVAC equipment costs many thousand dollars and lasts a long time, opting for the best warranty could save you considerably should you run into any problems. Before you make your final selection of the equipment you want, make sure you’ve studied the warranty and its provisions before you choose it.  Warranty coverage depends on the manufacturer and the best packages cover parts for 10 years and offer some period of time that will cover the labor for installing them. Most installing HVAC dealers offer a one-year guarantee on the installation of the system, as well.  Some HVAC manufacturers will honor the warranty only if a licensed, factory-authorized HVAC contractor installs the equipment. It’s very important to establish which manufacturers the contractor represents when replacing your system. One of the biggest problems people face when buying equipment from unauthorized sources, especially at online sources, is that contractors are unwilling to install the equipment since they can’t guarantee whether it’s brand new, original equipment.  Once you’ve established that you’re working with an authorized dealer, spend some time going over what’s required on your part to keep the warranty active, and what kinds of professional maintenance you’ll need and at what intervals. Changing air filters and keeping the condenser coil clean may be part of the maintenance you’ll have to perform, while annual system checks could be something the manufacturer requires. Extended warranty packages are also available that might cover additional parts and labor that would expire under the warranty, which could save you substantial money. Carrier is a leading provider of HVAC equipment and offers one of the best warranty packages available. They offer an extended warranty that covers parts and labor and may even be transferable to the new owner of your home should you sell it. You have 90 days to register your equipment with them by mail or online.  To learn more about the best warranty packages for your next HVAC system, contact Senica Air Conditioning, Inc.. We provide outstanding HVAC services for homeowners in the St. Petersburg area. 

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