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Of all the things you expect to come out of your furnace, cold air isn’t high on the list. Sometimes it’s just temporary, and others it can signify a problem with your heating system. Here are some things you should look for that will help you determine whether that cold air emitting from your furnace is normal or requires a service call.

  • If the cold air only blows for a few seconds after your heater kicks on, this is nothing to worry about. It’s simply cold air that’s being pushed out of the system.
  • Check to see that your fan settings are switched to “auto” rather than “on.” “Auto” turns your fan on only when the furnace is operating, whereas “on” allows the blower to run constantly, whether it’s blowing heated air or not.
  • Inspect the pilot light and make sure it has not blown out. If it has, relight it and check to see that it remains lighted. If it continues to extinguish itself, contact a service professional and do not attempt any repairs yourself. This isn’t an issue with most modern furnaces, which use electronic ignition.
  • If your furnace turns on and begins heating for a brief period before shutting off again, and then repeats this cycle, it may be an indication of a dirty flame sensor. 

Should your furnace continue blowing cold air without any discernible reason after you have considered and inspected these four possibilities, contact a heating and air conditioning professional to come out and take a look at your furnace. The technician can perform an inspection to pinpoint the problem and repair it for you.

At Senica Air Conditioning, Inc., Inc., we have been maintaining and repairing our clients’ heating and air conditioning systems since 1992. Whether you are in Tampa, St. Petersburg or Clearwater, give us a call at 866-881-5935, and we will be happy to help keep your furnace blowing warm air all winter long.

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