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Whether your system is failing and needs to be replaced or you are looking to save some money with a more efficient upgrade, the process of installing your new HVAC equipment should begin with a professional load calculation. Taking into account every aspect of your home that impacts heating and cooling efficiency, this calculation shows you how much heating or cooling power your home needs. With the results in hand, your authorized dealer can set up a properly sized HVAC system that will run at maximum efficiency.

Parts of a Load Calculation

All other things being equal, a larger home requires more heating and cooling power to stay comfortable. Of course, all other things are never equal, so a proper calculation incorporates many more aspects of your home than just its square footage. The amount and quality of insulation is a major factor, as is the layout of your home’s ducts. The size and shape of entrances and windows also plays a significant role. A good HVAC contractor will take all of this information into account and use a computer algorithm to turn it into a definite number.

When performed for heating equipment, this calculation is often known as a heat loss calculation, as it depends primarily on the amount of heat your home loses through its roof, doors, windows and walls.

Benefits of a Professional Calculation

If you are replacing an existing heating or cooling system with new HVAC equipment, you may think you can get away with taking the sizing data from the old equipment instead of having a new calculation done. In reality, this is problematic for two reasons. The previous calculation may well have been outright wrong, in which case the new equipment will be sized as incorrectly as the previous system. Even if the previous calculation was done correctly, though, your home’s conditions may have changed since. If your new system is sized based on this outdated information, its efficiency will suffer.

Conversely, a new calculation will help your Tampa FL home make the most of your new HVAC system. A system that is sized to fit your home’s needs will run as efficiently as possible. Furthermore, while an over-sized or under-sized system has to endure unnecessary wear and tear to keep your home comfortable, a properly sized system is well-positioned to last as long as possible. In other words, taking the extra step to get your home’s load calculated now will save you plenty in the long run.

If your current heating or air conditioning equipment needs to be replaced, your home needs a proper load calculation before anything new can be installed. As part of our commitment to serving our friends and neighbors in the Tampa FL area, we at Senica Air Conditioning, Inc. always do a full calculation before installing equipment. Call us today to find out how much heating or cooling power your home needs.

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