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Reduced demand for air conditioning units, better contractor availability, and no rush to buy, all make spring a good time of year to buy an air conditioner for your Brooksville, Florida, home. Take advantage of the season to shop for an air conditioner before the sultry days of a Florida summer settle in.

More Flexibility for Scheduling

During the heat of summer, HVAC professionals in Florida are busy repairing, maintaining, and installing air conditioning systems. The cooler weather season of fall is also a busy time for the HVAC industry, as residents are buying or repairing home heat pumps. 

Compare spring to summer, when you’ll be competing with air conditioner emergency repairs, increased sales, and seasonal maintenance calls. During the spring, HVAC professionals have the most flexibility to meet your schedule. Take advantage of this industry downtime to install a new air conditioner without having to juggle your family’s summer vacation plans.

No Rush to Make a Purchase

If you need a new air conditioner during the hot summer, you may feel rushed to make a decision. By planning your purchase for spring before the hot weather arrives, you have time to compare and make the best buying decision.

Take time to research different units, and talk to your HVAC contractor. When you’re not in a rush to buy, you have time to have your home professionally evaluated so that you get an air conditioner correctly sized to your home. Proper sizing can extend the lifespan of your new unit and save you money in operating efficiency.

Beat the Summer Heat

When the summer heat hits in Florida, you want to be ready for it. Before that first heat spike, install a good air conditioner that works for your home. The planning will save you and your family some uncomfortably sweaty days and nights.

At Senica Air Conditioning, Inc., we’ve installed, repaired, and maintained HVAC systems in the Brooksville, Florida, area for more than 26 years. To discuss your home’s air conditioning needs, call us at 866-881-5935.

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