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No matter the season, you want to optimize both comfort and energy efficiency in your Crystal River, Florida, home. Learn how an Infinity Remote Access Touch Control Thermostat helps you achieve superior comfort and efficiency.

Allows for Easy Programming

Whether your home has one zone or eight, the Infinity Remote Access Touch Control Thermostat will keep you comfortable 24 hours a day. Simply program your family’s heating and cooling schedule and make quick changes as necessary using the Touch-N-Go button. You can even program up to eight zones for the ideal temperature in each room of your home.

Improves Air Quality

Some thermostats simply control the temperature, but the Infinity Remote Access Touch Control Thermostat does much more. This device can monitor a range of indoor air quality products, and it manages ventilation systems to keep your indoor air fresh and clean. It’s also capable of managing an Ideal Humidity System to ensure that your home’s humidity level is just right.

Works With Systems With Greenspeed Intelligence

When you really want to maximize your energy savings, choosing a Carrier HVAC system with Greenspeed intelligence is a smart move. This type of system operates at low levels for long periods of time, making it one of the most efficient ever. Pair it with an Infinity Remote Access Touch Control Thermostat to get the most out of this innovative system’s adaptable speeds.

Saves Energy Without a Second Thought

With a device this smart, you don’t even have to think twice about decreasing your energy consumption. This thermostat uses smart setback technology to save energy for you while you’re away or asleep. If you want to see just how much energy your HVAC system is using, just take a look at the thermostat’s real-time energy use tracking function.

Ready to upgrade to an Infinity Remote Access Touch Control Thermostat and get even more out of your heating system? Call Senica Air Conditioning, Inc. at 866-881-5935 to optimize your heating system.

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