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attic ventilationIt’s our climate which keeps the snowbirds coming to central Florida every winter, but that weather can be a two-edged sword. Here in the Tampa/St. Pete area, we only see a freeze once every two or three years. Nevertheless, our average temperatures are in the 50s for three months of the year, and above 80 degrees for seven, which is why your Florida home’s attic ventilation matters in each and every season.

Cooling Season

When temperatures reach their oppressive maximums, the attic space can become a broiling oven. During the months when we’re in the 90s at ground level, an unventilated loft can exceed that by 50 degrees or more.

Such massive temperatures can do damage to the fabric of our homes. Shingles, and even poorly-treated roof timbers, can warp and buckle. This will eventually cost money in unnecessary repairs. More immediately, all that heat can bake downward into your living space, increasing the work your air conditioner has to do. Further, if your A/C ducts pass through the attic, no matter how well-insulated they are, some of the cooling you’ve paid for will be lost.

Heating Season

When it’s hotter inside the house than outside, moisture can condensate in the attic. This may result in buckled shingles, and eventually the wood comprising the roof frame may even begin to rot.

What Ventilation Does

Attic ventilators literally suck the super-heated air out of the attic during the summer. This not only reduces the risks detailed above, but it also moderates A/C usage. This may well prolong service life, and the bills should take a noticeable dip.

In winter, risks to the structural fabric of your home are greatly moderated. Hot spots are also a thing of the past, so when we do get a freeze, melted ice is less likely to refreeze on roof edges, where it can strain gutters or become a safety hazard.

You can learn more about why your Florida home’s attic ventilation matters in each and every season, and what equipment is best for your individual circumstances, by contacting Senica Air Conditioning, Inc. to schedule a free in-home consultation.

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