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If you’re interested in finding new ways to reduce energy consumption in your home, there’s a new kind of thermostat that you might want to consider installing: a WiFi thermostat.   

How Do WiFi Thermostats Work?

Like all other thermostats, WiFi thermostats use sensors to regulate the temperature in your home. Unlike other thermostats, these have the ability to connect to the Internet, which gives them some advantages over regular thermostats and make them an excellent choice for an energy efficient home. You can use an Internet connection to adjust the temperature when you’re away from home. Some models can even learn your preferred temperatures and create schedules accordingly or adjust to changes in the weather automatically.

Differences Between Programmable Thermostats and WiFi Thermostats

Programmable thermostats are used to create a custom schedule to save energy while you’re away from home. Unfortunately, you’ll have to reset the schedule every time the weather changes, and because the thermostat changes according to the time of day, if you’re home earlier than the time the schedule adjusts for, your home’s temperature won’t be ready for you.

WiFi thermostats have easy-to-use interfaces, and because they connect to the Internet, you can adjust the temperature while you’re away from home using an Internet connection via a smartphone or computer. If you get off work early, you can adjust the thermostat and have the house at the perfect temperature before you walk in the door.

Advantages of WiFi Thermostats

  • Ability to adjust HVAC settings while you’re away from home, so there’s no problem if you forgot to turn off or adjust the system before you left. 
  • Ability to remotely delay or start system early if your schedule changes or create new schedules.
  • Ability to monitor temperature while you’re away, which especially useful if you have pets.
  • Keep track of energy savings.
  • Receive emailed temperature alerts and maintenance reminders.

Please feel free to contact us at Senica Air Conditioning, Inc. if you have any questions about installing or operating a WiFi thermostat in your Florida home.

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