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If you are planning to install a heat pump in your home, you’ll want to make sure that everything is set up and working correctly. Even though a professional installer will check that the heat pump works before he or she leaves, you can follow these tips to ensure that the job goes more smoothly.

Choose the right location.

Select the best location for the outdoor unit. It should be situated at least 10 inches away from an outer wall of your home. If you purchase a split system, the second part will go inside your home. You can place it in an attic, closet or even a crawl space.

Set up the location.

Make sure the outside area is free from bushes, shrubs and weeds that can cause your unit to work harder. However, you can have bushes and small trees at a safe distance to provide a windbreak and shading for your unit.

It is best to set your unit on a concrete square or on stones to keep it clean from dirt and to hold it level.

Other tips.

To further ensure that your heat pump installation is completed smoothly, do the following:

  • Make improvements in your home to allow your heat pump to work more efficiently. This may include adding more insulation or installing energy-efficient windows.
  • Have ducts installed inside your home’s insulation.
  • Insulate the ducts up to R-8 if placed in an attic or crawl space.
  • Have a return air register placed in every room.
  • Ensure that ductwork has been adequately sealed by pulling on it to see if it moves.

These tips will help ensure that your unit works correctly after the heat pump installation has been finished.

Once the job is done, have a programmable thermostat installed to help you monitor the temperature for better efficiency.

If you have questions or need more information, contact Senica Air Conditioning, Inc. for help. We’ve been providing comfortable environments for our customers since 1993.

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